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    Graduation to the Sippy Cup
  Congratulations. Your toddler is ready to toss the bottle and start drinking from a sippy cup. Each child will be different. Some toddlers start reaching for your cup long before you consider that they may be ready to graduate from the bottle. Others, may stubbornly refuse to drink liquid from anything other than their bottles.

Sippy cups have come a long way from the two handled cup with a leaky plastic lid, that dribbled juice/milk on your parents carpet every time it was tilted. The sippy cup has gone high tech. With the new airtight, dribble free, shatter resistant, and dishwasher safe models, you’ll be singing their praises in no time. Packing a couple sealed cups into a small cooler bag is much easier than lugging around bottles and their accessories.

If your child is the eager type and can’t wait to stat using a big kid cup, then by all means, hand over the cup and rid yourself of the bottles. If you child is a little more timid and not interested in the cup, start gradually breaking them in by replacing one bottle for a cup for a few days, then replace two bottles with two cups for a few days and so on and so forth. Now if you have a child that wants nothing to do with a sippy cup, and refuses to drink no matter what, you may want to hold off for a few more weeks/months until your comfortable trying again.

Whatever the timeline, your cute little toddler will have a colorful collection of sippy cups in no time and the bottle will be all but forgotten.

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