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    Body and Mind
  Morning Sickness
Technically, this ailment should be renamed. Not everybody gets morning sickness. Some women get afternoon or evening sickness, while some others get middle-of-the-night sickness. Also, there are those women who never get sick at all. However, if you find yourself in a wave of nausea, or hunched over the bowl dry-heaving, know that it will get better. Morning sickness is hereditary. If your mother had terrible morning sickness, then your chances are pretty high of experiencing this nauseating rite-of-passage. It does not mean that your baby will be born with a full head of hair or blue eyes. It is also not an accurate prediction of what the baby’s sex will be. The best thing you can do is accept that it won’t go away and figure out how to curb that queasy feeling.
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Many women find that eating saltine crackers (very) slowly helps, as the morning sickness seems to worsen on an empty stomach. You can also try sitting down and putting your head between your legs, or chewing a couple antacids. Being rushed has been shown to increase morning sickness as well, as hard as it may be, try to slow down and take your time. Also try eating before you get out of bed to combat that empty stomach. This is the perfect time to get your sweetie to serve you a gourmet breakfast in bed…or to start stocking snacks in the bedside table.

My Breasts
I’ve heard it so many times. “My boobs hurt”. Even though you may be excited at the prospect of bigger breasts during your pregnancy, you will not be overly happy about the soreness that accompanies the growth. Breasts become heavier, fuller, and may even become red and warm when engorged. Your nipples may darken and seem to become perma-hard. You can start by purchasing a larger, more-supportive bra. If your nipples are extra sensitive, make sure your bras and blouses have no irritating materials. You can also use this opportunity as an excuse to be topless as much as possible. Trust us, your significant other won’t mind you being topless at all, and you can gently remind friends and family to call ahead before popping in for a visit.

My Growing Abdomen
Yes, you feel fat. Even though everyone around you is telling you how great you look you still feel like a gigantic cow. You start exclaiming that the next stranger to touch your belly will get more than an earful.

You may or may not have stretch marks starting to snake their way over your once smooth skin. The lotions and creams that are sold to prevent these won’t help. Don’t believe the hype and don’t waste your money. Stretch marks are another one of those nasty hereditary things. If your mom had stretch marks, more than likely, so will you. No amount of rubbing any kind of product over your skin will prevent these from happening. If someone you know claims to have been saved from stretch marks by some astounding product, the truth is that this individual wasn’t going to get stretch marks anyway; their skin has/had more elasticity. For every person who claims a product worked, you can find ten more that claim it didn’t. However, if you insist there’s no harm in trying anyway.

Your tummy will also alter the way you sleep. You can’t sleep on your stomach, and your doctor may not want you sleeping on your back. What’s a woman to do? Get yourself an abundance of pillows, comfy pajama’s, and a bedtime snack Now, curl up onto your side and remind yourself that this is only temporary.

Maternity Clothes
I know what you’re thinking already. Ugh! Lucky for today’s pregnant women, fashion has come a long way in regards to maternity clothes. Gone are the days of matronly, over-sized moo-moo’s. A good place to start is by getting comfy and checking all your favorite brand names online to see if they have a maternity line. Once you find out which brand you prefer, you can either sit at home and enjoy the pleasures of shopping online, or you can use the store locator to find out where to go. Then grab some cash and head out.

Whether you’ll be shopping online or in the store, enjoy yourself. Buy cute clothes that are versatile. Remember that as you get bigger you will become more body conscious and less likely to wear an outfit that you only “kind of like”. You have nine long months to get through and you’ll want stylish, timeless clothes that can be easily adapted to suit Monday’s board meeting or a casual Saturday lunch with your best friend.

Don’t forget to pick up some undergarments while you’re at it. Purchase what’s most comfortable and fits well. Make sure you remember that those boobs of yours are going to be getting huge not too long from now, if they haven’t already. Most maternity clothing lines include adjustable bras with optional pull down cups to use for breastfeeding after your little angel arrives. Also make sure you throw in a couple sexy pairs of panties to keep the daddy-to-be on his toes.

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