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  The time has come to plan your baby shower. There are so many questions the mommy-to-be will have, and way too any answers being thrown at you. Remember that this event is for you. It should be exactly as you would like. Just because Mom had a ladies only shower in her Aunt’s basement, doesn’t mean that you have to rule out a couples shower at the golf course. In today’s society, all former rules get tossed. In most cases, someone close to the mommy-to-be will throw/host the shower for her. Even though you may not be footing the bill, you still have the right to suggest things that are important to you.   
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Now is a really fun part- registering. This is one of the most fun tasks you’ll have during this pregnancy. Pick one or two stores to register your baby at and enjoy!  The handheld scanner is yours. Anything you want could potentially be yours…just scan it. Assuming you’ve done your product reseach, put on some comfortable shoes and march in that store like you own it. Take as much time as you need, trust me, these stores love you already. If you feel so inclined, take along Daddy-to-be or a close friend to help you when you become stumped or overwhelmed. If the task seems daunting, you can arrange with the store manager to register over a period of a couple days so that you do not need to do it all in one trip.

The day of your Baby Shower is an exciting time. Pick out one of your snazzier outfits and be prepared for a long day. It’s a good idea to ask a friend to stand by with pen and paper as you open your gifts. Have them jot down a brief description the gift with the name of who sent it. This will be helpful later, when cards become detached from gifts, and it will save you from not writing the dreaded and impersonal “thanks for sharing our special day” thank you card. Regardless of whether you have a couples shower or not, make sure you have plenty of help available at the showers end. You cannot load all those heavy packages into your car yourself…or unpack them when you get home.

Writing thank you cards within one-week of the shower is advised. That way everything will be fresh in your mind, and when you’re done you can cross that off the already miles-long to-do list in your head.


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